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Education: Making the Grade - Teachers and researchers demand “extreme flexibility”
Education: UK University Drives Efficiency & Productivity with EfficientIP
Education: Moving From An In-House Solution For Better Flexibility
Education: EfficientIP adds value, functionality and ease of use on DDI solution.
Education: Rationalizing and Optimizing Network Services Management
Education: Responding to changing needs of students & staff - now and in the future
Electronics: Centralization of DNS – DHCP services management
Financial: Ensuring Network Service Continuity
Food Services: Accelerating Digital Transformation with Integrated Network Automation
Government: Facilities Require Full Network Visibility
Government: Solving the Problems of Government Cuts and Pressured IT Teams
Hosting Services: IP Address Management for the cCell-Cloud-Environment
Hosting Services: Insourcing the DNS Internet Service
Software Solutions: Transparent and central user administration: Software AG improves data quality through efficient IP address management
Sports: SOLIDserver™ Protects Internet Services for Grand Slam Roland-Garros
Telecommunication: Centralization of DDI services - gkv informatik relies on Global Architecture Management
Telecommunication: Optimizing DNS - DHCP Services Delivery and Management
Telecommunication: Faster Error-Free Configuration with Automated DDI
Telecommunication: Improving ISP Customer Experience With Scalable High Performance DNS
Telecommunication: Keeping Subscribers Satisfied During Broadband Architecture Migration

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