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Sphinx Software Overview

Sphinx provides the logon security you need, with the simplicity you want. Sphinx turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor authentication tool, and makes it easy to use strong passwords for logon processes.

In continuous use at a substantial installed base of government, corporate, educational, and healthcare institutions world-wide. Works out-of-the-box with a diversity of powerful card technologies. Straight-forward software pricing structure is based on number of end-user licenses, with no additional hidden costs.

How it works



Sphinx, from protecting your Windows Logon with Card Authentication instead of passwords, helps you to remember usernames and passwords on common websites and facilities you use on a day-to-day basis, and also helps to securely store any address or payment information, for easy retrieval. Additionally, it helps you to generate strong passwords, based on the password policies you or your administrator created.

Pulling out your smartcard also allows you to either, Log Off, Lock, or Shutdown your computer, based on preset settings.


The Sphinx cardmaker software provides full-featured management, which allows Administrators to preset and manage Windows logon entry data, for individuals or groups of users. It supports logon of multiple Active Directory Identities or Domains.

Administrators are also allowed to set “Auto-issuance” settings, where the user is able to self-enroll with Sphinx at their computer using their smartcard, making the system more hand-free.

You are also able to control PIN and password policies for your users, control what happens when the card is removed, whether to Lock, Log Off, or Shutdown the computer. The Sphinx CardMaker also allows you to Pre-Set or Manage entries of Groups of users or individual users.

It also comes with full reporting features, to generate reports and logs of active, inactive cardholders, administrators, defective, lost, stolen and returned cards, all cardholder and system transactions. Great for audit purposes.

Data can be imported directly into Sphinx from HR databases to facilitate mass enrollment of cardholders.

5 Reasons to choose Sphinx

  1. Affordable prices with only a single license fee for both user and administrator
  2. Enhanced security features using strict, secure protocols with layers of encryption
  3. Simple installation, allowing you to quickly implement the solution, ready for use within minutes
  4. With a specialty software company, continuing success of the software is ensured.
  5. Future-proof, with interoperability standards and option to link to third-party software solutions.

Learn more about Sphinx Logon Manager here

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