How do we ensure the integrity of perishable products in optimal condition while ensuring safety is not compromised? Introducing the uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker by Identiv.

A Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings. The credit-sized sensor enables temperature readings and logged history to be read locally by RFID readers, smartphones, or upload to cloud-based datalogging services for record collection and storage, analytics and remediation or record integrity checks. The uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker is secured by a state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithm to protect the integrity of each temperature measurement and secure the record transmission to cloud services.


Ideally suitable for pharmaceutical, healthcare and cold chain applications and monitoring, the uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker embeds a precise temperature sensor, digital storage, a flexible battery, and supports near field communication (NFC) wireless technology. Using consumer or industrial mobile devices, the tracker can interact with the installed mobile application (Google’s Android only) for tag activation and setup, online/offline option, and local analytics.

As battery life drains completely, the tracker can still function as a passive temperature sensor label displaying the current ambient temperature while ensuring the measurement data or values are still preserved and accessible; thereby eliminating prospect of total data loss and leading to onward applications without affected by the loss of data-logging capability.

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